Agrarian Trust is creating a local Agrarian Commons (through establishing 501c2 land-holding entities) to support land access and tenure for the next generation of farmers. We see this model as a necessary and innovative approach to address the realities of farmland owner demographics, wealth disparity, farm viability, and all who are excluded and marginalized from equity in land, food, and community.

The local Agrarian Commons will hold farmland to: (1) support ecological restorative agriculture and community, (2) convey 99-year lease tenure and equity interest to farmers, (3) share in ecological stewardship investment, and (4) support farm viability and local agrarian economies.


Agrarian Legal Support

Learn more about our Agrarian Commons Creation Committee, a diverse group of national leaders, innovators, and stakeholders whose members are part of farm communities and organizations such as Cooperative Development Institute, Soul Fire Farm, Sustainable Economies Law Center, The Working World, US Food Sovereignty Alliance, Equity Trust, Conservation Law Foundation, F.A.R.M.S., and Land for Good.

Our New Series: The Human Side of Land Transition