The Hudson Valley Business Review article begins, “It’s not just the money, it’s the land.” The piece details the attainment of 1255-acre Gill Farm by the New World Foundation. Who’s buying farmland? The likes of Warren Buffett. The guy who has a billion dollars to burn for anyone picking a perfect basketball tournament bracket. Big money. Though it’s not new that agland is being stuffed into deep pockets, the motives here seem different.

The New World Foundation says of its core beliefs and intentions:

“The Local Economies Project subscribes to an innovative approach to sustainable economic development known as ‘local living economies.’ Local ownership of business and import substitution, to the greatest degree possible, are the guiding principles of local living economies. Each community has the opportunity to build networks of innovative and independent businesses that are committed to the health and wealth of their particular place. These networks are also connected to like-minded groups regionally, nationally and globally to engage in fair trade and spread best practices. Ultimately, local living economies allow cities and towns of every size and political stripe to share their success in growing community assets.”

The Gill Farm is slated to become The Hudson Valley Farm Hub. If the move is successful, it will become the nation’s largest incubator farm.


Will the monetary elite be allies to new agrarians? As the Review article states, “The pendulum is swinging yet again.”



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There’s No Business Like Farm Business
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