Documentary filmmaker, Chuck Schultz is in the final stages of a 5 year process working on a documentary, The Last Crop. The Last Crop is a call to action that addresses timely issues confronting our nation’s farmers.

The film follows Jeff and Annie Main of Good Humus Produce located in Capay, California. Their struggle to ensure their family farm’s future in California’s Central Valley personalizing a story being echoed in farms across the nation, and many featured in Agrarian Trust’s Land Access Stories.

good humus

The Last Crop follows these farmers’ determination to address three critical issues facing farmers and our nation’s food system today: the affordability of farmland, the fragile balance of farm succession, and, ultimately, the preservation of small family run farms.

To get the film through the finishing post-production work, they are currently running an Indiegogo Campaign (Indiegogo is a “crowd-funding” website that allows independent ideas to receive funding) to raise the completion funds.

To help get this important documentary into the public sphere, visit http://igg.me/at/thelastcrop/

The Last Crop: Film About Farm Succession Needs Funding
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