In January of 2011, flames engulfed the barn at Pete’s Greens in Craftsbury, VT. Inside was thousands of dollars worth of equipment.


In an amazing show of community support, donations poured in to replace the infrastructure and the equipment. These sums, given by individuals and organizations in Vermont and beyond did not come with a debt. Owner Pete Johnson, however, has figured a way to repay the kindness that kept the business running smoothly.

With the help of the Center for An Agricultural Economy, Johnson has developed a system which allows him to repay the money donated into The Vermont Farm Fund, which offers loans to other farmers. Those farmers, in turn, make their loan payments back into the fund, where it is again loaned to other farmers.

This cyclical loan reclaims the interest for sustainable, agricultural practices and is a true investment in our land and our future.


Raising money out of the Ashes — The Vermont Farm Fund

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