From American Farmland Trust:

The family farms that produce our freshest and healthiest fruits, vegetables and dairy products are fast disappearing.

Farm and ranch land is highly desirable for developers because it tends to be flat, well-drained, and affordable. Land close to urban areas is at highest risk. With many farmers in dire economic straits, the deep pockets of developers offer a powerful incentive to walk away from vanishing profit margins.
For many dairy farmers, in particular, skyrocketing prices for feed have been enough to drive them out of business.
To help stem the loss of more family farms, a generous donor has come forward with a $300,000 challenge to encourage your donation today. If you and other AFT supporters give a total of $300,000, this donor will match every dollar of your gift—generating $600,000 for farmland protection. Donate now.
What will your donation help AFT do? Here are just a few examples:
  • In California, AFT is working on a “smart growth” plan that will save 120,000 acres of farmland in the San Joaquin Valley.
  • In Farm Belt states, AFT is helping women landowners who have inherited farms keep their farmland profitable through hands-on trainings.
  • In the Northeast, AFT is helping create new markets for regional food products produced by family farms.
These are just a few examples of our work on the ground. With support from our members, AFT has built a 32-year track record of fighting for family farms, supporting farmers on the ground, and helping protect farmland (more than five million acres saved forever since we began in 1980).
But the pressure on family farmers grows more intense every day. Unless we redouble our efforts, farmland loss will reach a tipping point; more dairy farmers will be forced to sell off their herds; more widows will be forced to stop farming and sell their land; more children will decide that farming is just too much effort for too little reward.
Donate now and help us unlock $300,000 more dollars to help reverse this trend. We can do it, but only if we do it together.
AFT President, Andrew McElwaineSincerely,Andrew McElwaineAndrew McElwaine
President & CEO
American Farmland Trust
P.S. Please donate and make your donation go twice as far.

Donation Matching Offer to Save Farmland in the U.S.
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