The bill introduced last week in the US House of Representatives is a measure aimed to open up western Public Lands currently landlocked by privately-owned land.

A similar bill is also making its was through the US Senate.

The bills are mainly aimed to please sportsmen looking to hunt on the inaccessible public land. The objectives would be achieved through right-of-way purchases of surrounding private land.westernlands (248x204)

Although those interested are mainly looking for hunting and trapping opportunities, the  language of the bill does not specify that the action will be for these purposes. Is this an opportunity to reclaim private lands for the people: for recreation, hunting and perhaps even public agricultural projects? Is it a dangerous amendment to our current conservation protections? Is it perhaps a legislative model to consider as we forge forward with our own farm-central objectives?

Keep an eye on H.R. 3962 and its counterpart in the Senate.

Making Public Lands Public Access Act
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