Director of the Columbia Land Conservancy, Peter Paden addresses land issues in New York through his column for the Register-Star.

From his most recent column:

What would you do if on a lovely Saturday morning, your first day in a while away from the demands of your job, your spouse said to you, “Honey, let’s go over to town hall. Some fellow from the DEC is going to be giving a presentation on culverts?”

I’ll tell you what I did. I went. Why, you say? I asked myself that more than once as I drove to the meeting. But I’ll tell you something else: It was one of the most interesting presentations I’ve heard in a while. And it’s information that every local political leader, every highway and public works department head and every member of a planning board or conservation advisory commission should be aware of. Indeed, anyone who is interested in the efficient use of public dollars, in our communities’ ability to withstand extreme weather events or in the health of our ecosystem will find the subject of culverts a lot more compelling than you might first imagine.

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