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Our website will soon cease to exist. Home to our 7,000+ episodes of archived content with visionaries and tastemakers, the live stream of Heritage Radio Network’s 39+ weekly shows, and station-produced food news, our website is the platform we depend on. At the end of 2015, the coding language that supports the site will expire, and then even all of our internet ingenuity won’t be enough to keep HeritageRadioNetwork.org as we know it alive.

Now, here’s the good news. We can build a new website, a better one. A version that has your needs first and foremost. A version that has a working live player and search feature. A site that is reimagined to let you explore, engage, and interact with our great content and the incredible community of hosts, guests and listeners.

In fact, we’ve already begun. We’re working with the phenomenal team at Operation CMYK to rebuild a new site from the ground up, while making our archived content more accessible and easier to find. We’ve started the long journey towards a new site, but to finish it we need your help.

Today we launched our first ever Kickstarter campaign. In the next 35 days we’re raising the $35,000 needed to fund the network’s website rebuild. We ask you to consider the value HRN brings into your life and make a contribution that feels significant to you. With levels from $5 to $5,000, everyone has an opportunity to make a meaningful step towards a new website for all (and earn some amazing rewards while you’re at it!)

Our site is the table we gather around to share our stories, advice, recipes, music, life lessons and so much more. It provides a vital platform for these meaningful voices to live on long after the mics are switched off.

Your support determines what will happen to those conversations. 

Be part of the future of the network.


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Heritage Radio Network Needs Our Help!

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