So many of the farmers we talk to tell us how important personal connections were to their land access story. If you’re in the rich Southern Illinois farm community, don’t miss out on a chance to meet your farming brethren!

Southern Illinois Farming Network Gathering

January 17, 6pm to 10pm 

Field of Dreams, Desoto, IL

The Gathering is open to the public and everyone is welcome! The potluck supper begins at 6:30 and presentations start at 8pm.  Featured presenters are:

  • Bruce and Maryanne Chrisman from Countrysprout Farm
  • Kris Pirmann and Adriane Koontz from River to River Farm
  • Steve and Lara Brackett from Honeymoon Farm
  • April Vigart and Ariel Zimmerlein from the SIU Sustainable Farm

For more information about the event, contact Dayna Conner at 618/319-0542 or dayna@eatsouthernillinois.org.

Farmer Gathering Saturday at Field of Dreams
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