The Quivira Coalition is looking for funding — from you.

A bit from about their program (from their gofundme campaign):

To our surprise, despite the wealth of experience and knowledge that existed among potential ranch mentors no formalized program existed anywhere to give young people in-depth, intensive apprenticeships on progressively-managed ranches. Quivira decided to fill this void by starting a radical new program in 2008: the New Agrarian Program (NAP).

The New Agrarian Program has been a huge success, with 9 graduates thus far, all of whom are currently building careers in regenerative agriculture… and all of whom are outspoken about the importance of good land stewardship.

Our apprenticeships are implemented in partnership with farmer and rancher mentors who are dedicated stewards of the land; practice beyond organic, restorative methods of food production; provide excellent animal care, and who are natural teachers for young agrarians.

Apprenticeships are 8-12 months long and provide in-residence, hands-on experience in every aspect of a resilient agricultural enterprise. They were designed to provide professional training for the next generation of food producers.

Crowd Sourcing to fund New Agrarian Program

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