Help Cooperative CSA Growers in the UK, Their Crowd Sourcing only has 17 days left!

From CSA Community UK: We want to build a new relationship between farmers and consumers based on mutual trust and openness. Our new network will promote community supported agriculture and give essential support to farmers, growers and communities who are changing our food system from the bottom up. Just like Joanne at the Oak Tree Low Carbon Farm.

We need to raise money for a new website to promote and map CSA projects across the UK, to put on regional CSA events, to make the website even better and more useful with interactive networking tools and to put on a national conference for CSA projects to learn, share and celebrate their achievements – providing a platform to build on for the future. You can read about how we plan to spend the funds raised in the ‘Read More’ section below.


Community supported agriculture (CSA) is a partnership between farmers and the local community, in which the responsibilities, risks and rewards of farming are shared. Benefits are enjoyed by all sides: farmers can receive a more stable and secure income and closer connection with their community, and consumers can benefit by eating fresh healthy food, feeling more connected to the land where their food is grown and learning new skills.

Over the last five years we’ve seen interest in community supported agriculture really across the UK and so now we’ve established a national network to build on this momentum and help new projects start up.

Our network is a co-operative, which means what we do is defined by community supported agriculture groups. You can join as a CSA member, paying £1 per member of your group with a minimum of £25 to a maximum fee of £200. Or you can join as an individual member at £25, showing that you share our vision of a new connected farming. Larger organisations can also join at £60.

Our long term aim is to help reconnect communities and farmers across the UK, creating a fairer, more open and sustainable food system.

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Crowd Sourcing the CSA Network in the UK
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