The Schumacher College in Devon, England is offering a four day course this September 23-27, addressing Agroecology and the future of farming. It highlights a resurgence of a “back to the land” mentality, and offers educational guidance for new agrarians looking to practice “Enlightened Agriculture”.

Course will be taught by Colin Tudge, John Letts, Tim Crabtree, Jane Pickard and John Crisp, and will address:

    • How agriculture works worldwide.
    • Why we could feed everyone — 7 billion now and 9.5 billion by 2050 – yet a billion are still going hungry.
    • The principles of Enlightened Agriculture and Agroecology – with special reference to “Regenerative Agriculture” (restoring the soil through pasture management and and Agroforestry)
    • Agroecology, and low-input Permaculture
    • How to make a living from small farms that conform to the principles of agroecology – from some of the people who are doing it
    • Why community groups are vital and what they can look like
    • How to find finance and land access for new farm businesses

Find more information including how to register at the Schumacher College website.

Agroecology Course in the UK
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