We are looking for a leader with strong team-building skills and a sharp focus on organizational capacity building; the Organizational Director will immediately join the search committee for the Financial Director position, who will be building the farmland investment fund. The Agrarian Trust board is committed to a brisk and assertive startup and early growth stage for the organization, so we are looking for proven startup and leadership capacity.


  • Minimum 3 Years in nonprofit management
  • Minimum 3 Years in marketing, development, and outreach.
  • Bachelor’s degree required
  • Demonstrated experience in land conservation
  • Demonstrated experience in organizational startup
  • Demonstrated experience working with stakeholder board members, funders, and colleagues.

To apply, submit a cover letter, resume, two writing samples (article/presentation/press piece/links to video presentations) and three professional references to office@agrariantrust.org. The cover letter should not exceed one page, and it should include an introduction of the candidate, a brief description of the candidate’s background in the field, topical literacy, qualifications, aptitudes and personal motivations, and a list of three professional references. We recommend that candidates who come from outside the fields of land conservation and farm service provision demonstrate their rationale and qualifications for entering this new field of work.

Agrarian Trust Seeking Organizational Director
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