Agrarian Trust is seeking writers for our Courageous Storytelling project.

Agrarian Trust is a new organization founded by longtime young farming advocates, The Greenhorns, a cadre of sustainable agriculture service providers, and Community Land Trust professionals with a mission to support the next generation with land access. What do we want? We want to gather data on tenancy, land access and land rights security in America.

We are documenting models of innovative farmland access. We call these our Land Access Stories, and we have a long list of quiet protagonists that are working to protect the interests of the land, and the long term interests of us all. Our stories, when compiled together, will serve as a data to shed light on the connection between current land ownership, stewardship, job creation, communities, and prosperity. We start with the premise that “it is ownership–and the economics surrounding ownership–that determines whether land is farmed or paved, strip-mined or preserved, polluted or reclaimed. It is ownership that determines where people live and where they work. And, to a great degree, it is ownership that determines who is wealthy in America and who is poor, who exploits others and who gets exploited by others.”

The first submissions will be unpaid, but each profile written will be accompanied by the writer’s byline and promoted within our larger networks of up to 30,000 subscribers. Those who contribute on a regular basis will be listed as a contributor on our website, and can expect fair payment for work. Graduate and Journalism students are encouraged to apply.

Agrarian Trust is a project of the Schumacher Center for New Economics in Great Barrington, Massachusetts. Our freelance writers and artists work from home, workload depends upon your interest and availability, but we have a guiding template to help maintain some consistency and rigor in the reporting.

You can find more information about Agrarian Trust, Our Land Stories and how to apply to this opportunity here.

Please share with any individual or group who may be interested in participating in this phase of our exciting project.

Thank you for your interest. This will take a team.


Severine v T Fleming, Brooke Werley, Ann Marie Rubin, Agrarian Trust team.

Agrarian Trust is Looking for Storytellers!
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