Help Out! with this crowd-sourcing initiative to turn an abandoned railroad embankment on Chicago’s south side into an inner city workers’ cooperative growing vegetables and fish in greenhouses.


From Bronzeville Bud:

For 14 years two people, now gray haired seniors, have worked to acquire an abandoned railroad embankment on Chicago’s south side to create an inner city workers’ cooperative that would grow vegetables and fish in green houses. We finally received a donation agreement for the 7 acres. Turns out we will have the potential to supply renewable energy via solar panels on site but first we need to remove some trees and recycle them for fencing to keep all our volunteer workers safe up there on an embankment 18 feet up while we clear land and build greenhouses.

Bronzeville Bud

Speaking of volunteers, three cheers for the students at Illinois Institute of Technology IPro projects for working so hard for the past year to help us make this dream come true.

We need your help! This project will provide jobs, fresh healthy foods and education to support renewable energy and sustainable food production. We’re even planning a community sustainable education center in an abandoned sub-station.

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Crowd-Sourcing to Create Chicago Cooperative on Abandoned Land!
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