Here is our ever-growing list of resources. Click on any of the main headers to be linked to a comprehensive list of what we’ve compiled. If you have a resource you think should be added to our list please email us.


Accessing Land
Land Access Guides ·  Farm Linking Programs ·  Land Leasing


Land Access Advocacy
Advocacy Organizations  ·  Land Trusts  ·  Incubator Programs


Succession Planning
Farm Transfer Guides & Planning  ·  Farm Succession Stories & Strategies 


Financing and Financial Planning
Farm Financial Guides  ·  Social Impact Investors  ·  Community-Based Financing  ·  Grants & Loans ·  Debt Management


Farm Business Resources
General Farm Planning Guides  ·  Small Business Resources


Agricultural Mediation and Farm Law
Agricultural Mediation  ·  Farm Advocates and Legal Aid


Legislation and Political Action
Tracking Land Access Legislation   ·  Participating in the Democratic Process


Podcasts  ·  Videos  ·  Webinars


Networking and Service Providers
Networking ·  Service Providers by Region


Research and Background Reading
History of Land Access ·  Case Models and Farm Profiles ·  Academic Land Access Research ·  Land Access News and Reports