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Agrarian Trust Videos: National Concepts and Discussions


Our founding board member Severine von Tscharner Fleming inspires us to consider the question, “What does the land want?” in her latest talk as a Fellow with the Edmund Hillary Fellowship based in New Zealand.

Individual Agrarian Commons Videos


In June of 2020, the Somali Bantu Community Association, a founding member of the Little Jubba Central Maine Agrarian Commons, toured a prospective 106-acre organic farm in Wales, Maine as part their journey to find a permanent home for their organization and land security for over 210 families who participate in the SBCA’s Liberation Farms program. On August 24, 2020 – just a few months later – $367,000 was raised and the land was acquired. This is permanent land transformation. The Agrarian Commons holds land in perpetuity, protected against future development, and conveys equitable, renewable leases to farmers and communities for 99-year renewable terms. Film by Alexander Sutula

Other Audio or Visual Land Access Media

Land is the Basis of Freedom Malcolm X
We will often refer to this video. It is a powerful message containing much of our signature cornerstone concepts, that land is, indeed, the basis of freedom.

Audio Recording of Marie Cirillo, “Stories from An Appalachian Community”
When asked by Vice President Gore what she would do if elected President, Marie Cirillo said she would introduce a program of land reform. For thirty-three years Marie Cirillo has lived and worked in Clairfield, Tennessee, located in a valley hemmed in by two big mountains, and made up of a network of twelve unincorporated communities most of which are former coal camps. 

“It is as immoral to own land
as it is to own slaves.”

LAND SUPPORT: Understanding the Complexity of Land produced by Ulie Henrik Streckenbach
Landsupport is a project developed by a group of specialists from the University in Naples (Italy). It aims to create a tool that helps different stakeholders of land, making better, more sustainable decisions on their most important resource – the soil.

“Soil is the heart of our land.”

To Market: Growing an Economy Around Food, The Vermont Farmers Food Center
Facing steep odds and a chorus of naysayers, community members in Rutland have transformed a blighted industrial site into a dynamic new agricultural center – a driver of better health, new businesses and expanding markets built around locally grown food. This film highlights the first major milestone in the VFFC’s rise – the opening of the new Winter Farmers Market, the largest in the state. It also spotlights a new generation of young farmers who are now growing and innovating year round with the support of the community, the Rutland Area Farm & Food Link and the VFFC. Together, they are working to write a new story for the future of Rutland and its economy.

Tuinderij de Stroom Farm, Future Farmers in the Spotlight
Tuinderij De Stroom is an organic vegetable farm in a small village in the Netherlands. It is owned and managed by three young women who have proven that it is still possible to start land-based farming activities with low financial investments.

Eric Freyfogle – “Challenges of Collective Action”
Eric Freyfogle is a Max L. Rowe Professor of Law at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. He talks about conservation, aquifers, and the call to “do something” and what that involves. “It is our inablity to act together, to come together, and to make collective good decisions, and we’re hardly even working on that…”

Discussion on Farmland Access with Sjoerd Wartena and Veronique Rioufol from Terre de Liens This interview with Sjoerd Wartena and Veronique Rioufol from the Terre de Liens initiative in France was prepared for April 27th, 2014 as part of OUR LAND: A Symposium on Farmland Access in the 21st Century.
Wes Jackson, Founder of the Land Institute, Speaking at Our Land Symposium Wes Jackson spoke at OUR LAND: A Symposium on Farmland Access in the 21st Century. “We came as a poor people to a seemingly empty land that was rich in resources. And we built our institutions from that perception of reality…and now we’ve become rich people in an increasingly poor land that is filling up, and the institutions don’t hold…”
Agriculturalist Blanc: Wine Makers Speak Out for Young Farmers Introducing Frey Organic Agriculturist Blanc, in honor of all young farmers of America and the world!

“Agricultural subsidies encourage the overproduction of commodity crops which makes it hard for small, independent farms to survive…” 

Food, Farms and History: A Conversation with Michael Pollan, 2013 Annual Meeting of the American Historial Association Michael Pollan: “When Thorough talks about weeds, he talks about them having a prior right to this land because they were here first, overlooking the fact that weeds are not wild, but are very much a product of agriculture…on both Emerson and Thorough’s part, there is almost a willful desire to see this blunt opposition between nature and culture, of which most of my work has been trying to break that down.” At the American Historical Association’s 127th Annual Meeting in New Orleans. Panel: Michael Pollan, Brian Donahue (Brandeis University), Deborah Fitzgerald (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), and Donna R. Gabaccia (University of Minnesota Twin Cities).

Serve Your Country Foodmap by the Greenhorns
An interactive map of resources organized by region and by topic. Resources include agricultural land trust, lawyer, land succession/estate planning, etc.

Songs of the Agrarian Resistance “Keep Politics Off of Your Farm” is just one of a 9 track compilation entitled Grange Future mini-album by Jeremy Fleishman, Severine Fleming and Brian Dewan. The Greenhorns, 2014.