We’re thrilled to welcome Robin Emmons to our team as our National FaithLands Coordinator, a coalition-led initiative that supports faith communities in making lands available for sustainable, agroecological farming, especially to those in society marginalized by virtue of class, race, gender, economic status, and other factors.

Robin is an award-winning social entrepreneur who founded the nationally recognized nonprofit Sow Much Good in 2008. She has been recognized by Athena International, CNN Heroes, 50 Most Influential Women, 25 Women in Wellness to Watch, and covered by multiple national and local media outlets. She has spent the last decade focusing on empowering marginalized communities to leverage their political and social power to improve their neighborhoods and their lives, while simultaneously delivering her message of the power of leading through service to a broad range of stakeholders.

“I believe faith institutions, which also serve as anchor institutions in communities across our country, to be a critical part of creating greater equity, opportunity, and local food sovereignty through the land on which their sanctuaries and places of worship sit. I am excited about the opportunity to connect with and inspire faith leaders in communities nationwide, to support young farmers in gaining access to land that will ensure the health and well-being of communities as a whole. This for me, is the real power of a ministry that heals, both within and outside of the church doors.” 

— Robin Emmons, National FaithLands Coordinator

Many thanks are due to our fellow FaithLands coalition members and our hiring committee for all their assistance and hard work: F.A.R.M.S., The Conservation Fund, Plainsong Farm & Ministry, and the Presbyterian Hunger Program. We thank the Kalliopeia Foundation for their support.

The FaithLands coalition and the entire team at Agrarian Trust looks forward to supporting Robin’s work to greatly expand on the work of our NC Pilot Project, led by NC FaithLands Coordinator, Josie Walker.

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CNN Hero: Robin Emmons

Welcoming Robin Emmons, FaithLands National Coordinator
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