Proposal Due date: February 20th, 2021

Agrarian Trust hosts and manages websites through WordPress.org:

We are working through a design overhaul with a professional marketing firm and need a WordPress developer to assist implementing a new website vision. The ideal individual will have extensive website design experience, experience with the WordPress platform, and the ability to work collaboratively to meet project timelines and deadlines. Agrarian Trust is a national remote-working team and being able to work remotely and meet virtually is a must. Please check out our Team to learn more about us. 


This proposal is for an upfront project commitment estimated to be 3 +/- months with limited and ongoing support thereafter.

Scope of Needs

Collaborative approach with marketing firm to create a new web site.

Technical skills with WordPress platform and and plugins, such as GiveWP.

  • Advanced page design including optimization for mobile
  • SEO and Google Analytics integration
  • Fundraising meters
  • GIS embedded maps
  • Suggested interactive tools throughout the development
  • Integration with Customer Relationship Management database
  • Dynamic pages allowing for creative displays of embedded posts, photo albums, and similar elements

Site look and feel will be spearheaded by marketing firm. Email is handled on separate server.

Submission Requirements

To submit a proposal, please email daniel@agrariantrust.org and wendy@agrariantrust.org.  We request that individuals applying please provide a resume, portfolio and cover letter. For companies applying, please provide your proposal. We look forward to receiving your information.

Request for Proposal: WordPress Developer
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