Case Studies & Tactics

New Bite-Sized Legal Guides from Sustainable Economies Law Center

New Hampshire’s First Affordable Whole Farm: Keeping Wingate Farm in the Family, Permanently Conserved, and Affordable for Future Farmers

Thirty Years of Trailblazing a Farm Community at Temple-Wilton Community Farm

Stay tuned for more stories, tactics, and case studies from the field, including a look at Agrarian Trust’s organizing documents and land-based legal documents.

In the meantime, here are some publications we’ve found most helpful for new economy farmers, cooperatives, and land equity and reparations organizations:

Farmland Access Legal Toolkit: Helping Farmers and landowners affordably access, transfer, and conserve farmland (from Vermont Law School Center for Agriculture & Food Systems) (from Sustainable Economies Law Center)

Land Matters resources (from Farm Commons)

Land Access Toolbox and case studies (from Land for Good)

Community Land Trust Technical Manual (from Equity Trust)

Model Documents for alternative ownership and keeping farms affordable (from Equity Trust)

Grassroots Financing Guide for California Farmers (from Sustainable Economies Law Center)