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We are an emerging network and learning community of landowners, beginning farmers, landless farmers/tenants, nonprofits, land trusts, cooperatives, farmer service providers, lawyers, land reparations workers, faith community members, and more.

Agrarian Legal Support is a partnership between Agrarian Trust and our friends at the Sustainable Economies Law Center. Learn more about us. Learn more about us.


To advance our collective mission of healing land and communities through equitable land tenure and ownership, reparative justice, and regenerative agriculture, we provide case study examples, stories and tactics, and legal support for the most innovative land access, tenure, and ownership models.

We are building a network of farmers, land-based organizations, and service providers dedicated to the next generation of sustainable farmers, ensuring equitable land tenure, flourishing businesses, and reparative justice. We also work in concert with FaithLands, another initiative led by Agrarian Trust, which is a coalition of members working in faith communities across the country.

We strive to ensure farmers gain secure land tenure, have access to tools to protect their legal rights, and build professional agreements that support the best interests of farmers and land, particularly in the contexts of reparative justice, regenerative agriculture, local ownership, and de-commodification. We help service providers help farmers, help farmers find service providers, and support collective learning in new agriculture law.

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We’re excited to develop a learning community and provide support for farmers and land seekers in need of legal services. Agrarian Trust will share more information on this site and social media about future public events, information sessions, and other opportunities to learn more and get involved.

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