The Creation of Local Agrarian Commons

In the next two decades alone, it’s estimated that across the US, over 400 million acres of farmland will change ownership. The Agrarian Trust is a nonprofit organization that works tirelessly to ensure that tomorrow’s farmers have access to this land, and that the opportunities to farm remain economically viable. 

Ian McSweeney, Director of the Agrarian Trust, talked about their exciting new project to create a local Agrarian Commons. The Agrarian Commons will purchase farmland and enter into fair long-term leases with new farmers, while protecting the land with easements and restrictions supporting ecologically restorative agricultural practices. A NH farmer himself, Ian understands the challenges of land ownership and has also previously served as the Executive Director of the Russell Foundation. 

Watch the full webinar above (for fullscreen, click to watch on Youtube).

All presentation slides can be viewed here.

Webinar: The Creation of Local Agrarian Commons
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