Changemaker Profile: Jillian Hishaw and Systemic Land Theft - A reflection from author, attorney, and landowner advocate Jillian Hishaw as she discusses her new book, Systematic Land Theft.
farmers weeding Changemaker Profile: Adam Hodges and the West Virginia Agrarian Commons - A Q&A with Adam Hodges, founding board member of the West Virginia Agrarian Commons, Community and Economic Development Extension Agent for Fayette County, and author of Destination: Beautification - A Community Resource Guide, released in 2015.
Food, land, and farm businesses are working together to transform land ownership in the US - Businesses recognize our collective stake in the earth and are willing to direct energy and profit toward preserving the earth for future generations and restoring human connection to land.
Titos Vodka and Greenleaf Restaurant in NH raising funds to support Agrarian Trust - Greenleaf in N has announced that they are joining with Titos Vodka to support Agrarian Trust!
Action & Commitment for Racial Equity - The recent uprisings are shaking the world. We are again at a tipping point that is a long time coming. Just as it always has, it will require not only weeks, months, or years of protest but decades and centuries of commitment to create a culture of equity and justice.
Could Putting Farmland in the Commons Support Land Justice and Sustainability? - The Agrarian Trust aims to help farmers access land and stay on it, while fostering a system of community supported, environmentally sustainable agriculture.
driving disposession New Report: “Driving Dispossession: The Global Push to “Unlock the Economic Potential of Land” - Driving Dispossession: The Global Push to “Unlock the Economic Potential of Land,” sounds the alarm on the unprecedented wave of privatization of natural resources that is underway around the world. Through six case studies—Ukraine, Zambia, Myanmar, Papua New Guinea, Sri Lanka, and Brazil—the report details the myriad ways by which governments—willingly or under the pressure of financial institutions and Western donor agencies—are putting more land into so-called “productive use” in the name of development.
Agrarian Commons: A New Model for Community-Owned Farmland - Today Agrarian Trust announces the launch of a transformative new model for community-based farm and ranch ownership and tenure, the Agrarian Commons. After several years of development and collaborative input, the Agrarian Commons launches in 10 states across the country. Co-founded
Press Release: Agrarian Trust Launches the Agrarian Commons, A National Model for Community-Centered Farm Ownership - Today Agrarian Trust announces the launch of the Agrarian Commons, a transformative new model for community-centered farm and ranch ownership and tenure, in 10 states across the country.
Globalize the Struggle! Globalize Hope! - A reflection on participation in the U.S. Food Sovereignty Alliance first national Political Education Course By Megan Browning In a recent teach-in hosted by The Rising Majority on Movement Building in the Time of the Coronavirus, Canadian activist and author

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