Phase 1 (2013)

We understand that innovation often happens at the edge, therefore  our task is to gather together the insights and institutional patterns from our national community.

Each of these case models ( from legislation, cooperative investment, support groups for landowning women) represents a useful tool for farmers and others to use in designing their own farm-land access strategy. We will catalog these case models, interpret them, and evaluate them according to the criteria we developed at our founding meeting.

-Find and showcase models from  across the country: innovative practices employed by farmers, communities, planners, investors and cooperatives to address this key issue of land access.

  • -Document and promote regionally-appropriate models that conserve productive farmland dedicated to sustainable agriculture, and make the land available to next-generation producers.
  • -Expand and enhance the financial, legal, and technical assistance networks that are central to the political and economic success of the next generation of American agrarians;
  • – Facilitate and develop the social and intellectual networks required to overcome the present cultural economy of industrial agriculture.  See the resource map we created.
  • By learning from successful models,  we can scale up the rate of farmland succession


Phase 2: (2014)

Raise the profile of Farmland Succession Issues.

  • Presentation at Oxford Real Farming Conference ( January)
  • Our Land Symposium (April 26 & 27)
  • Land Negotiation Training Event (May 3)
  • Presentation at BALLE Conference, Oakland (June)
  • Presentation at Summer NOFA Conference ( August)
  • in partnership with Conservation Law Foundation
  • Presentation at American Farmland Trust annual gathering (September)
  • Presentation at Bioneers ( October)
  • Presentation at Presentation at Slow Money Conference ( November)
  • Farmland for the Future, (November 2014)
  • in partnership with Community Food Funders, and North Star Fund. 

Build the legal structure and institutional structure to hold the trust in partnership with Sustainable Economies Law Center.

Release 2nd guidebook: ” Benevolent Investors Guide to the New Farm economy”


Phase 3: (2015)

Begin Accepting Land Gifts, and donations to purchase farmland for Agrarian Trust.

Begin accepting new farmer proposals for farmland purchase and protection

Release 3rd Guidebook

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