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Opportunities at Good Tree Farm of New Egypt

Reverend Darriel Harris discusses farming, health, listening, and community on the Food and Faith podcast.

Civil Eats: The Movement to Turn Church Land into Farmland


YES! Magazine: The Push to Turn Church Land Into Farmland

In These Times: The Transition into a New Life: Church Land into Farmland

Sojourners: Cultivating the Connection Between Soil and the Soul With ‘FaithLands’

Religion News Service

Biodynamic Association: Creating an Ecosystem of Faiths for the Future of the Earth


Quivira Coalition, Down to Earth podcast, “Science, Spirituality, and Agriculture: The FaithLands Initiative”

Welcoming Robin Emmons, FaithLands National Coordinator

Learn more about CNN Hero Robin Emmons:

Faithlands Origins Story

From Dream to Reality: #FaithLands Gathering

Pentecost at Paicines Ranch (Part 1)

Fire Next Time: Preparing “the Rites of Passage” of FaithLands

OUR LAND Episode 7: FaithLands

In this episode we explore the works and service of farm-based Catholic worker communities in the upper Midwest. Dorothy Day, founder of the Catholic workers, was highly devout and profoundly independent. She emphasized direct action for peace and justice and direct service with the poor. This radical ministry has always lain outside the institution of the church and the formal wealth of the Catholic orthodoxy. But this is changing, inspired by the energetic commitment of Catholic workers.

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