Agrarian Trust is designed to protect farmland for sustainable agriculture in perpetuity and preserve its affordability for new and under-resourced farmers. Agrarian Trust offers a new tool for retiring farmers to partner with beginning farmers. Agrarian Trust holds farmland in trust- meaning that title is held as a common resource, in proxy for the community of investors/ donors. Use rights, or lease-hold is allocated to those who wish to farm but who can’t afford the increasingly high cost of entry.

As you consider a sale or transfer of your farmland, Agrarian Trust, through our mission, offers you a new and creative partnership. By purchasing and holding farmland, Agrarian Trust is able to enter into long-term leases with new farmers, allowing them the security of long-term tenureship, and the ability to build a farm and home-equity without the burden of the high cost of land. Through leases and agricultural easements on the land it owns, Agrarian Trust can require sustainable farming practices, preserve affordability, help to revitalize rural communities, and ensure a new crop of farmers and rural entrepreneurs.

By working with willing sellers to recognize their needs and optimize their choices, Agrarian Trust helps to identify strategies for a successful sale. By use of a variety of tools, we can work with both retiring farmers and land sellers to assure a fair value for their transfer while identifying the strategies to achieve long-term goals of the landowner. Capital is raised in Agrarian Trust to facilitate the purchase of land that is then protected with perpetual easements. Oversight of  easements is the responsibility of community members who serve on the board of the trust and monitor the easements.

Agrarian Trust is actively bringing land into the trust, through bequests, community-financed purchases, and other mechanisms. All donations to Agrarian Trust are tax deductible.

To find out more information about donating your farmland, please email Ian McSweeney directly at ian@agrariantrust.org.

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