Agrarian Trust Team 

Collective Experience & Accomplishments

Support to Farms, Food Systems, and Communities:

  • Raised $25,000,000+ to support agricultural communities
  • Completed Conservation and/or Transfer of 120+ farms
  • Completed 40+ lease agreement to provide secure long-term tenure
  • Conserved 15,000+ acres
  • Farm business planning and grant writing assistance for 300+ family farms
  • Completed nationally recognized innovative farm preservation projects to address conservation, affordability, community building, secure tenure, incubation in-place, and food cooperatives


  • Recent and continued work in 41 states, 140+ municipalities, and several regional efforts


  • Educated in Agriculture, Ecology, Environmental Science, Sustainability, Law, Social Work, Conservation, Sociology, Sustainable Landscape Planning & Design
  • Farming, Farm Management, and Farm Ownership for 46+ years
  • Led 100+ local, regional, national, and international workshops, presentations, conferences, and convenings


  • Community activism, engagement, and development
  • Founding community and national organizations
  • Fundraising, grant writing, and grant funding management  
  • Develop, maintain, and facilitate food systems networks
  • Pass bills and ballot measures on local, county, and state levels
  • Serve on a variety of organizations: boards, committees, and commissions on local, regional, national level for government, nonprofit, startup, land trust
  • Meeting facilitation in diverse communities
  • Farmers market management and mobile market development
  • Contribute to and publish: guides, books, toolkits, documentaries, and radio shows
  • Organize and launch community-driven food systems infrastructure, such as hubs and processing kitchens
  • Managed and supported AmeriCorps and intern programs
  • Involved in farm incubators for refugee and next generation farmers, and farmers in Appalachian transition context

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