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The equivalent of 37 mid-sized farms closed every day from 2012-2017. An estimated 400 million acres of farmland has begun changing hands as a generation of farmers and ranchers retires.

Innovative models of farmland ownership and stewardship are needed to heal the land and grow food sustainably.


Agrarian Trust is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Your donations are 100% tax deductible. We welcome donations, bequests, and interest in creating land legacy gifts.

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Learn about Agrarian Commons funding needs

Agrarian Trust as a national 501(c)(3) organization raises money for use by local Agrarian Commons. The funding needs of each Agrarian Commons vary and shift over time. Agrarian Trust leads fundraising efforts around these general categories:

Donating to the general fund allows Agrarian Trust to disperse funds directly to Agrarian Commons as needed. These donations could be used to close the final 5% gap of funding needs for an AC to acquire a new farm, or invest in a renewable energy project. These funds are also critical for administrative purposes and may be used to support Agrarian Trust staff and Agrarian Commons stakeholders in developing website content, newsletters, local partnerships for raising awareness, and more.


Farm and ranch acquisition for a local Agrarian Commons is the first step in decommodifying land and bringing about transformation in land access, tenure, and equity. Your monthly donation to this fund could support the acquisition of a farm in New England one month, and a ranch in California the next, creating a web of national solidarity that ties localized community-centered Agrarian Commons to one another and the communities they serve.

Each Agrarian Commons will eventually hold up to 12 farms engaged in local diversified and regenerative food production for community benefit. To support the viability of these farms, the Building & Infrastructure fund will provide funding for key infrastructure improvements such as construction of new barns, buildings for farmworker housing, irrigation systems, and more.

Agrarian Commons are so much more than just farming. They are homes for families, children, and community members; they are sites for community events, educational workshops, farm dinners and events, and gathering spaces; they are where community participates in local food production and consumption. Your donation to this fund means investing in the value of human beings and one of the core principles of the Agrarian Commons: reconnecting humans to each other and the land.

This is a critical need to ensure long-term success and sustainability of the Agrarian Commons model. In order to provide permanent land access and affordable tenure to next-generation farmers and ranchers, it is imperative that land is removed from extractive relationships with banks and speculative financial markets which seek to ensnare farmers in debt to drive up profits and land values at the expense of the health of land and community. Your donation to this fund will go directly toward removing any mortgage or other lien that may still be attached to the land after it is acquired.

Renewable energy projects in the context of Agrarian Commons are investments that not only repair the land and aid regenerative practices, they serve to lower costs for all farms which aids equity for farmers and viability for their operations. For example, a single solar panel project could directly supply power for multiple farms lowering their expenses, or it could indirectly lower lease costs for all farmers by generating a return for the Agrarian Common's general budget.

Your donation to the Soil & Ecosystem Health fund will lead to investments in soil regeneration and pollinator habitats, purchase of seeds for cover crops and the pasture enhancements, planning of farm layouts, conservation projects, and so much more. This fund helps ensure that Agrarian Commons farms are not just producing food, but doing so in a way that regenerates the earth and provides space for wildlife and pollinator species.

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