With 400 million acres of land in the U.S. expected to change hands over the next two decades, the time for transformation in land ownership is now.

The Agrarian Commons is a necessary and innovative approach to address the realities of how land is owned, tenure and equity are conveyed, and land stewardship is carried out.

The Agrarian Commons holds land in communities for:

Ecological, restorative agriculture and community-building

Long-term lease tenure and equity interest to farmers and ranchers

Stewardship and ecosystem investment

Farm, ranch, and agrarian viability and local agrarian economies

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The Agrarian Commons is a new land tenure model that requires a shift in thinking about land "ownership". View our illustrations portraying how the Agrarians Commons model creates financial, land, human and community equity:

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Here are some photos of different Agrariain Commons throughout the United States:
The founding Boards of Directors for the first ten Agrarian Commons are 58 percent women, 63 percent farmers, and 85 percent local to the region the Agrarian Commons serves.

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