It is with great excitement that we share with you that after several years of development, collaboration, and life times worth of vision from many people, the Agrarian Commons has launched! 

Ten states have filed for legal incorporation of their Agrarian Commons. We will be working together over the next two years to raise the funds and build the capacity needed to acquire founding farms and transfer them into these Agrarian Commons. Read more about the launch of the Agrarian Commons and help us spread the word to your networks. 

Co-founded with 12 farms that represent 2,400 acres of diversified agriculture serving local and regional communities, the Agrarian Commons is a profoundly collaborative endeavor central to Agrarian Trust’s mission to support land access for the next generation of farmers. The Agrarian Commons addresses two primary barriers for beginning and exiting farmers: the high cost of land and high debt burden of modern agriculture. The Agrarian Commons model supports farmland access for dispossessed farmers and farmers of color, rebuilds human relationships to the land, and returns natural capital to land by transitioning land from private ownership to community-held commons. The model decommodifies land through deed restrictions, bylaws, and structural agreements and centers ownership in locally governed Agrarian Commons.

Thank you for following this work. We appreciate your collaboration, participation, and support to transform this vision into reality. As many brilliant thinkers have shared over the past months since the outbreak of COVID-19, now is the time to articulate and act upon what we want our future to look like. 

In this spirit, we ask you to stand with us in supporting the growth of the Agrarian Commons across the United States. Please contribute to this effort and help us spread the word about this model so it can be made available to all communities seeking a healthy and equitable future.  

We are humbled by the incredible work of farmers across the nation toward this goal, and we are so grateful for your partnership as we realize this bold vision together.

In solidarity,
The Agrarian Trust Team


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Visit the brand new Agrarian Commons Website
Explore each of the 10 local Agrarian Commons: 

Capay Valley California • Little Jubba Central Maine • Middle Tennessee Montana • New Hampshire • Puget Sound Washington •
Southeast Minnesota • Southwest Virginia •
Vermont • West Virginia

Check out the Agrarian Commons Story Map
Donatefunds or land to support this work (more details below)  // PERSPECTIVE FROM A FOUNDING FARMER// 

Vernon Family Farm, New Hampshire
“Modern agriculture needs to transition from an extractive approach to a regenerative one in which the value of a farmer’s role in producing quality food extends to their care of the environment and the people that come together as community and connect to it.” – Jeremiah Vernon 

Read the full story about farmers Nicole and Jeremiah of Vernon Family Farm, one of three founding farms in the New Hampshire Agrarian Commons. Check out more articles at Agrarian Commons Media

Watch this video about the story of the New Hampshire Agrarian Commons.

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Agrarian Commons 2020 Launch
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