Regional Agrarian Commons Development Director

Eliza’s work with Agrarian Trust supports land-based livelihoods, healthy farms, de-commodifying land, and legal tools for equitable land access and shared stewardship. Eliza lives in southwest Virginia where she co-operates a diversified farm in the Sinking Creek Valley, called Singing Spring Farm. She raises food, fiber, and medicine, and specializes in raw milk goat cheeses. As a farmer, acupuncturist, and Agrarian Trust team member, her life centers on nurturing and healing with the land and human communities that depend on it. This process of healing requires deep transformation of the soil, our bodies, and our communities, especially racialized harms and capitalism. Eliza holds bachelor degrees from UVa,, a J.D. from Vermont Law School, and a master’s degree from Jung Tao School of Classical Chinese Medicine.

Email Eliza at eliza [@] agrariantrust.org

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