Communications and Crowdsource Fundraise Manager

Daniel Forkner is a native of Atlanta, Georgia where he spent his first few professional years in the commercial real estate investments industry. Feeling out of place in an industry prioritizing profit and extraction, he took a sabbatical to travel and interact with diverse perspectives around the many systemic issues our world faces. Through these interactions, most notably permaculture farmers and conservation advocates, he came to see that climate change, colonization, racial injustice, and many other destructive ends are ultimately rooted in our land. Financial commodification of land, degrading agricultural practices, and the displacement of communities and people from the earth that sustains us are practices that must be reversed and dismantled, and for this reason Daniel is excited to adapt his real estate and media experience to Agrarian Trust’s mission of preserving valuable agricultural land in the hands of local communities and responsible farmers.

Daniel currently lives in North Central Massachusetts where he also serves a local nonprofit devoted to improving regional food justice by organizing community-driven programs to adapt and implement food systems around residents’ needs. He also co-produces a podcast that engages an international audience around global systemic issues and paths towards solutions.

Email Daniel at daniel [@] agrariantrust.org

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