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Nationally-supported, community-held land and agrarian property that supports diversified sustainable food production, shared ecological stewardship, agrarian community vitality, and the next generation of farmers and ranchers.


We are in the midst of 400 million acres of U.S. land changing hands as a generation of farmers and ranchers retires. Next generation farmers struggle with land access, affordability, and tenure. In this critical moment of transition, innovative models of ownership and stewardship are needed to heal the land and grow food sustainably.




Agrarian Trust is innovating in land ownership, access, tenure, and equity opportunities to transform our relationships to the land and each other. Our work is building the issue and framing solutions, collaborating with stakeholders and collective efforts, and creating the local Agrarian Commons to support the next generation of farmers and ranchers and foster a regeneration of the land and care for the Earth. We organize for racial and gender equity as an integral part of our work toward environmental and climate justice.


Slide A necessary and innovative approach to address the realities of farmland owner demographics, wealth disparity, farm viability, and all who are excluded and marginalized from equity in land, food, and community. AGRARIAN COMMONStrending_flat A national movement to connect and inspire faith communities to use their land in new ways that promote ecological and human health, support local farming, enact reparative justice, and strengthen communities. FAITHLANDStrending_flat An emerging network and learning community of landowners, lawyers, farmers, landless farmers/tenants, nonprofits, land trusts, cooperatives, farmer service providers, land reparations workers, and more. AGRARIAN LEGAL SUPPORTtrending_flat The Our Land Symposium is a series of talks, exhibits, and events to advance the broadening discourse on land commons and farmland futures. Our inaugural event explored 21st Century farmland access. OUR LANDtrending_flat Sign up for our quarterly newsletter

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