We Protect Farmlands

Supporting Land Access For
Next Generation Farmers.

We Protect Farmlands

Supporting Land Access For
Next Generation Farmers.


Nationally supported, community-held land and agrarian property that supports sustainable food production, ecological stewardship, community vitality, and equitable land access for the next generation of farmers and ranchers.


We are in the midst of 400 million acres of US land changing hands as thousands of farmers and ranchers retire, yet next generation farmers struggle to access land. Innovative models of ownership and stewardship are needed to support the next generation, heal the land, and grow food sustainably.


We innovate in land ownership and access to transform our relationships to the land and each other, fostering regenerative agriculture and care for the earth. We build the issue and reframe solutions, collaborating with communities of stakeholders to create the Agrarian Commons in support of the next generation of farmers and ranchers. We work for racial and gender equity as an integral part of our efforts toward environmental and climate justice.


The Commons Alliance is an emerging learning network that will share support and resources to build collective power with farmers, land owners, land trusts, and communities seeking to hold land in common.

A necessary and innovative approach to address the realities of farmland owner demographics, wealth disparity, farm viability, and all who are excluded and marginalized from equity in land, food, and community.

FaithLands is a growing national movement to connect and inspire faith communities to use their land in new ways that promote ecological and human health, support local food and farming, enact reparative justice, and strengthen communities.

Our Most Recent Blog Posts

Agrarian Commons

Principles of the Commons

By Tao Orion / Dec, 03 2021
Farmer, permaculturist, and author Tao Orion writes about the commons as a means to land s
Press Releases and Announcements

Building Equitable Farmland Tenure Models for Farmers in the Upper Midwest

By David Harper / Nov, 19 2021
We are thrilled to announce that Agrarian Trust has been awarded a grant from the North Ce
Agrarian Commons

West Virginia fundraiser paints a picture of connection to the land and to each other

By Wendy Stevens / Oct, 26 2021
Agrarian Trust fully funded its third fundraiser on October 12th, 2021. Working together w
Commons Alliance

Foodlands Cooperative of British Columbia

By Taylor Plett / Sep, 27 2021
If you drive east from Vancouver for about an hour and a half on a Saturday morning, you c
Agrarian Commons

Changemaker Profile: Jillian Hishaw and Systemic Land Theft

By Jillian Hishaw / Aug, 11 2021
A reflection from author, attorney, and landowner advocate Jillian Hishaw as she discusses
Agrarian Commons

Changemaker Profile: Adam Hodges and the West Virginia Agrarian Commons

By Briana Olson / Jul, 09 2021
A Q&A with Adam Hodges, founding board member of the West Virginia Agrarian Commons, Commu

Reparative Justice: From Theory to Reality

By Briana Olson / Jun, 14 2021
In celebration of Juneteenth, we’re posting an excerpt from the FaithLands Toolkit. Whil
Giving and Fundraisers

Food, land, and farm businesses are working together to transform land ownership in the US

By Agrarian Trust / Dec, 06 2020
Businesses recognize our collective stake in the earth and are willing to direct energy an
Agrarian Commons

Vermont Agrarian Commons – A New Model of Community Land Partnership for Regenerative Farms

By Agrarian Trust / Nov, 23 2020
Corie Pierce of Bread and Butter Farm on why the Agrarian Commons offers a strong and vibr
Giving and Fundraisers

Tito’s Vodka and Greenleaf Restaurant in NH raising funds to support Agrarian Trust

By Agrarian Trust / Nov, 16 2020
Greenleaf in N has announced that they are joining with Titos Vodka to support Agrarian Tr
Agrarian Commons

Local Agrarian Commons Co-founders Honored with Food Sovereignty Prize

By Agrarian Trust / Oct, 17 2020
Please join us in congratulating the Somali Bantu Community Association of Maine (SBCA), c
Commons Alliance

Agrarian Trust featured in Catalytic Capital and Agriculture

By Agrarian Trust / Oct, 16 2020
The team at Agrarian Trust is thrilled to see the Agrarian Commons model of community-held
Food Systems and Security

The Fault in Our Farming

By Frankie Wallace / Sep, 23 2020
Humanity can no longer afford to ignore the myriad ways in which monoculture is unsustaina
Agrarian Commons

How we fundraised $367,000 in 8 weeks for land justice

By Agrarian Trust / Aug, 26 2020
Together, we’ve just finished our first farm acquisition fundraiser at Agrarian Trust in
Land Justice and Equity

Action & Commitment for Racial Equity

By Agrarian Trust / Aug, 19 2020
The recent uprisings are shaking the world. We are again at a tipping point that is a long
Agrarian Commons

Agrarian Trust & Patagonia Invest in Pollinator Habitat Design & Implementation at Two Agrarian Commons Farms

By Wendy Stevens / Aug, 18 2020
Agrarian Trust and Patagonia are both investing to support ecological stewardship on two A
Agrarian Commons

Agrarian Trust’s First Farm Fundraiser

By Agrarian Trust / Aug, 11 2020
Agrarian Trust, with the support of our incredible community has launched ten Agrarian Com
Food Systems and Security

Harnessing the Power of Local

By Frankie Wallace / Aug, 03 2020
Agrarian Commons farms, which operate under the joint stewardship of farmers across a comm
Agrarian Commons

Could Putting Farmland in the Commons Support Land Justice and Sustainability?

By Agrarian Trust / Jul, 15 2020
The Agrarian Trust aims to help farmers access land and stay on it, while fostering a syst
Sustainable Farming

Guest Post: Teaching the Next Generation Through Sustainable Agriculture

By Frankie Wallace / Jul, 15 2020
One of the most important gifts we can pass on to future generations is the reconnection t
Commons Alliance

New Report: “Driving Dispossession: The Global Push to “Unlock the Economic Potential of Land”

By Agrarian Trust / Jul, 14 2020
Driving Dispossession: The Global Push to “Unlock the Economic Potential of Land,” sou
Agrarian Commons

Somali Bantu Community Association Finds Dream Farm – Little Jubba Central Maine Agrarian Commons

By Agrarian Trust / Jun, 23 2020
The Little Jubba Central Maine AC found their dream farm (107 acres in Maine). Agrarian Tr
Land Justice and Equity

Antiracism Resources

By Agrarian Trust / Jun, 16 2020
Do the work to become antiracist. Continually seek to educate yourself and your community.
Food Systems and Security

Guest Post: How Farmers’ Markets Have Been Affected by COVID-19

By Frankie Wallace / May, 28 2020
The struggle to legitimize farmers' markets as essential services has been a hard-fought b
Agrarian Trust

Press Release: Agrarian Trust Selected for the Chipotle Aluminaries Project 2.0 Accelerator Program

By Agrarian Trust / May, 28 2020
Agrarian Trust has been selected to participate in the Chipotle Aluminaries Project 2.0 wh
Agrarian Commons

Agrarian Commons: A New Model for Community-Owned Farmland

By Agrarian Trust / May, 13 2020
On May 4th, 2020, Agrarian Trust announced the launch of a transformative new model for co
Agrarian Commons

Vernon Family Farm: Joining the New Hampshire Agrarian Commons

By Darby Weaver / May, 13 2020
Situated on 33 acres in Newfields, NH, Vernon Family Farm is a pastured poultry operation
Press Releases and Announcements

Press Release: Agrarian Trust Launches the Agrarian Commons, A National Model for Community-Centered Farm Ownership

By Agrarian Trust / May, 04 2020
Today Agrarian Trust announces the launch of the Agrarian Commons, a transformative new mo
Agrarian Commons

Reflections from Agrarian Trust on the Coronavirus Crisis & Our Food System

By Agrarian Trust / Apr, 14 2020
Ian McSweeney “While the crisis brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic is significant,
Food Systems and Security

Resources for Farmers During the COVID-19 Pandemic

By Agrarian Trust / Apr, 14 2020
In moments of crisis, immediate interventions and resources offered by service providers a
Food Systems and Security

Globalize the Struggle! Globalize Hope! Course Held

By Agrarian Trust / Apr, 14 2020
A reflection on participation in the U.S. Food Sovereignty Alliance first national Politic
Agrarian Commons

Guest Post: Idaho is Losing Farmland Fast

By Frankie Wallace / Apr, 07 2020
Could Sustainable Agriculture Save It? As farmland in Idaho begins to disappear in favor o
Commons Alliance

How to Win Land Justice in a Decade

By Agrarian Trust / Jan, 17 2020
By Neil Thapar, Food and Farm Director, Sustainable Economies Law Center Originally p
Agrarian Commons

Struggles and Strategies of the Farmland Trust Movement Across Europe

By Ian McSweeney / Dec, 16 2019
In September, I participated in a convening on land access alongside a group of 90 partici
Agrarian Commons

A Landscape in Transition

By Darby Weaver / Dec, 02 2019
Frost and early snow over the last month and the last of the brown and yellow leaves are s
Agrarian Commons

Sweet Land: The Story of a Collaborative Farming Model that Saved Two Dairies

By Eliza Spellman Taylor / Nov, 17 2019
This is the story of the revival of two dairy farms as a result of regenerative farming pr
Agrarian Commons

The 100 Year History of the San Pedro Commons

By Agrarian Trust / Sep, 30 2019
2018 marked the hundred-year anniversary of the privatization of the San Pedro Land grant,
Agrarian Commons

Land in Common: A Bold and Patient Model for Agrarian Reform in Maine

By Eliza Spellman Taylor / Sep, 30 2019
Land in Common is a Community Land Trust in Maine, born out of a community-focused, land j
Agrarian Commons

Portraits of the Agrarian Trust Collective: #Inktober

By Agrarian Trust / Sep, 30 2019
This October, Agrarian Trust is spotlighting the farmers and ranchers who put food on our
Agrarian Trust

Using Multiple Community-based Land Trusts to Save Farmland

By Darby Weaver / Sep, 23 2019
Agrarian Commons closely resemble community land trusts, but they are unique in that they
Commons Alliance

For a Greener New Deal and Cooler Climate, Focus on Food and Agriculture

By Agrarian Trust / Sep, 03 2019
A successful Green New Deal will integrate what we know about carbon, emissions, and pollu
Commons Alliance

Nos Robaron La Tierra / They Stole the Land From Us

By Agrarian Trust / Aug, 07 2019
by Vanessa García Polanco What do you want the future of your land to be? “Nos robaron

Certified Naturally Grown Matches the Stewardship Practices Faith-Based Institutions Are Looking To Adopt

By Jillian Hishaw / Aug, 07 2019
By Jillian Hishaw, Esq. According to a 2015 Consumer Report, 67 percent of Americans are w
Food Systems and Security

Let’s talk about the land!

By Agrarian Trust / Jul, 29 2019
by Vanessa García Polanco When you’re driving in rural America and pass a farm, do you
Land Justice and Equity

Going Beyond Diversity and Inclusion in Food, Agriculture, and Natural Resources

By Agrarian Trust / Jul, 22 2019
by Vanessa García Polanco In many of my roles as a food, agriculture, and natural resourc
Agrarian Commons

Land Justice Needs Collaborative Solutions

By Agrarian Trust / Jun, 30 2019
We hope your season has been as full of growth and sweetness as a burgeoning garden or a b
Commons Alliance

Elders are the Trees in the Garden

By Darby Weaver / Jun, 26 2019
Some of the influential elders who shaped sustainable agriculture before modern times have
Commons Alliance

How Making Reparations Can Remake This Land

By Agrarian Trust / Jun, 20 2019
Republished with permission from The New Farmer’s Almanac (Chelsea Green Publishing,
Commons Alliance

This Land Is Your Land

By Agrarian Trust / Jun, 18 2019
June 16th-23rd is #RefugeeWeek and June is Immigrant Heritage Month #CelebrateImmigrants b
Agrarian Trust

Opportunities for the Next Generation of Farmers on the Land

By Darby Weaver / May, 21 2019
Editor’s Note: This article is the second in a new series from Agrarian Trust and o
Food Systems and Security

Los Herederos de la Tierra, The Heirs of The Land

By Agrarian Trust / May, 02 2019
By Vanessa García Polanco “The land should always be there, you should always own s
Land Access Strategies

Truthout: A Green New Deal Must Prioritize Regenerative Agriculture

By Agrarian Trust / May, 01 2019
"Agrarian Trust, a nonprofit committed to supporting land access for the next generation o
Food Systems and Security

Video: Regenerative Agriculture: What does the land want?

By Agrarian Trust / Apr, 29 2019
Our founding board member Severine von Tscharner Fleming inspires us to consider the quest
Commons Alliance

Woodland Community Land Trust: An Antidote to Extraction in Rural Appalachia

By Eliza Spellman Taylor / Apr, 18 2019
The Woodland Community Land Trust was incorporated in 1979, making it one of the oldest Co

FaithLands Pilot Project in North Carolina Welcomes Our New Coordinator, Josie Walker

By Agrarian Trust / Apr, 18 2019
We’re thrilled to welcome Josie Walker to our team as our Eastern North Carolina Project
Food Systems and Security

Video: Sustainable Farming & Food Sovereignty in Cuba

By Agrarian Trust / Apr, 10 2019
“Cuba is a great example of how organic farming could supersede conventional agriculture
Food Systems and Security

The Consolidation of Agriculture

By Darby Weaver / Apr, 05 2019
Editor’s Note: This article is the first in a new series from Agrarian Trust and our
Land Access Stories

Earthseed Land Collective: Farmers of Color Create Space for Collective Living & Liberation on the Land

By Agrarian Trust / Mar, 06 2019
The Earthseed Land Collective was formally established in 2012 by a group of black and bro
Food Systems and Security

Envisioning Racial Equity in Agriculture: A Groundwater Approach to Our Food System

By Agrarian Trust / Feb, 28 2019
In the United States today, 98% of farmland is owned by white people. That raises some cri
Land Access Stories

New Hampshire’s First Affordable Whole Farm: Keeping Wingate Farm in the Family, Permanently Conserved, and Affordable for Future Farmers

By Eliza Spellman Taylor / Jan, 23 2019
The story of Wingate Farm is firmly grounded in the rich and complex dynamics of multi-gen
Agrarian Commons

New Agrarian Commons Poster: Many Communities, One Trust

By Agrarian Trust / Jan, 23 2019
We commissioned and presented a new poster to visually explain how we’ve mapped out the
Agrarian Trust

Looking Back to Look Forward: Expanding the Toolbox to Create Equitable, Secure & Affordable Access to Land

By Jamie Pottern / Dec, 18 2018
That these farms are going to change hands is inevitable; that the next generation of farm

For the Health of All Creation: A Reflection on a FaithLands Gathering at Wake Forest University School of Divinity

By rachel@agrariantrust.org / Dec, 13 2018
The storm is upon us We bowed heads in prayer as Tropical Storm Michael lashed the sides o
Agrarian Commons

Building an Agrarian Commons: Learning from Farmers & Community Organizers

By Eliza Spellman Taylor / Nov, 29 2018
Agrarian Trust staff had the pleasure of meeting with farmers, landowners, and organizers
Agrarian Trust

Where We’ll Will Be This Fall & Winter 2018: Agrarian Trust Newsletter

By Agrarian Trust / Nov, 05 2018
We hope you’ve been enjoying the changing of the seasons. We’re looking forward to the
Land Access Strategies

Land Access Strategy: One Farmer and 8,000 Landlords at Fordhall Farm

By Agrarian Trust / Nov, 02 2018
Fordhall Farm shows how enterprising young farmers can engage with the community, mutualis
Land Access Strategies

Land Access Strategy: The National Trust of England

By Agrarian Trust / Nov, 01 2018
The National Trust of England is the country’s largest owner of farmland. Agricultural l
Land Access Strategies

Land Access Strategy: Black U.S. Farmers Employ Numerous Strategies to Maintain Land Ownership and Farm Operating Independence

By Agrarian Trust / Nov, 01 2018
Black farmers have developed countless creative and enduring responses to the challenges o
Land Access Strategies

Spirit of Sustainable Agriculture (Harvard Conference)

By Agrarian Trust / Nov, 01 2018
Concepts such as agroecology, biodynamics, permaculture, food miles, food deserts, food ju
Agrarian Commons

Land and Water: A Long Term Perspective

By Agrarian Trust / Nov, 01 2018
In the context of global warming, issues of access to land and water have been revived at
Land Access Strategies

Land Access Strategy: Women Caring for the Land Program

By Agrarian Trust / Oct, 29 2018
About 50% of Midwestern landowners in Iowa are women. Many of these women are non-operator
Agrarian Commons

Thirty Years of Trailblazing a Farm Community at Temple-Wilton Community Farm

By Eliza Spellman Taylor / Oct, 25 2018
The story of Temple-Wilton Community Farm is one of community and commitment, persistence,
Land Access Strategies

Land Access Strategy: Sharing Risk with Split Mortgages

By Agrarian Trust / Oct, 24 2018
Investing in small-scale agriculture is not always seen as a secure investment. Sharing th
Agrarian Trust

Land Access Strategy: Planned Giving and Succession Planning

By Agrarian Trust / Oct, 10 2018
The American Farmland Trust (AFT) is a pioneer in organizing planned donation of land for
Land Access Strategies

Land Access Strategy: Our Table Co-op and Community by Design, LLC

By Agrarian Trust / Oct, 09 2018
Our Table Co-op is the farm business part of a three organization system, all working toge
Land Access Strategies

Land Access Strategy: La Montañita Co-op’s La Montañita (LaM) Fund

By Agrarian Trust / Oct, 08 2018
The 14,000-member La Montañita Co-op runs the La Montañita (LaM) Fund, a member-funded m
Land Access Strategies

Land Access Strategy: The Community Land Trust and Indian Line Farm

By Agrarian Trust / Oct, 01 2018
In a uniquely collaborative arrangement developed by the Schumacher Center for a New Econo
Land Access Strategies

Land Access Strategy: Student-Driven Farms | Book & Plow Farm and Amherst College

By Agrarian Trust / Sep, 20 2018
Book & Plow Farm is the result of a student-driven initiative to get local food into Valen
Food Systems and Security

Building Power: Advancing a People’s Agenda for Food Sovereignty & Climate Justice

By Jamie Pottern / Sep, 20 2018
What does an equitable food system look like in world that values corporate profits over p
Land Access Strategies

Land Access Strategy: Tablehurst and Plaw Hatch Community Farm, UK

By Agrarian Trust / Sep, 12 2018
The Tablehurst and Plaw Hatch Community Farm initiative was born in 1994 when it appeared
Agrarian Commons

Land Access & Racial Equity: Creating an Agrarian Commons

By Agrarian Trust / Aug, 07 2018
How do we cooperatively own and steward land for food sovereignty, soil and ecosystem heal
Agrarian Trust

Growing Our Team: Welcoming Our New Director & Staff

By Agrarian Trust / Mar, 29 2018
We’re excited to share some great news with you on our hiring efforts to grow our organi
Food Systems and Security

A Digital Map Leads to Reparations for Black and Indigenous Farmers

By Agrarian Trust / Mar, 01 2018
The map’s creators say they envision an equitable distribution of land and resources in
Agrarian Commons

Re-imagining Politics Through the Lens of the Commons

By Agrarian Trust / Feb, 07 2018
Why are the more wholesome alternative visions so scarce and scarcely believable?
Food Systems and Security

Ford Foundation President: To address the climate crisis, we must address inequality

By Agrarian Trust / Jan, 18 2018
Darren Walker, President of the Ford Foundation, recently published a profound statement a
Food Systems and Security

Let’s Skip the War Part—and Go Right to Reparations

By Agrarian Trust / Jan, 02 2018
Because ecological destruction affects both friend and foe, the use of bombs, drones and m
Sustainable Farming

Biodynamic Farming Opportunity at Live Power Community Farm, California

By Agrarian Trust / Dec, 04 2017
Farming opportunity for skilled vegetable growing couple or individual at Live Power Commu
Food Systems and Security

Making Land Access For Young Ones in the Buffer Zone

By Agrarian Trust / Sep, 01 2017
  Fascinating article about preferential treatment in USDA grants programs by those land
Food Systems and Security

How Indigenous Land-use Practices Inform the Current Sharing Economy

By Agrarian Trust / Aug, 31 2017
How Indigenous Land-Use Practices Inform the Current Sharing Economy by Aaron Fernando The
Food Systems and Security

Future of Colombia

By Agrarian Trust / Aug, 12 2017
A great article by Nicola Bilotta about FARC, Land Reform, and the Future of Colombia
Food Systems and Security

More US Farmland Owned by Overseas interests

By Agrarian Trust / Jul, 27 2017
From The Center for Rural Affairs: A recent report from the Midwest Center for Investigati
Land Access Stories

New Land Access Training Program Will Help Beginning Farmers and Ranchers Secure Land and Succeed in Agriculture

By Agrarian Trust / Jul, 20 2017
NORTHAMPTON, MA, July 18, 2017—American Farmland Trust announced today that 24 Land Ac
Land Access Strategies

New Land Access Training Program Will Help Beginning Farmers and Ranchers Secure Land and Succeed in Agriculture

By Agrarian Trust / Jul, 18 2017
NORTHAMPTON, MA, July 18, 2017—American Farmland Trust announced today that 24 
Land Access Stories

Barnraiser to train Future Farmers!

By Agrarian Trust / Jul, 15 2017
Food Systems and Security

Save Rural America

By Agrarian Trust / Jul, 14 2017
In June, The Center for Rural Affairs were among 578 organizations, businesses, and local
Food Systems and Security

The Land Matrix: Tracking Land Grabs

By Agrarian Trust / Jul, 14 2017
Check out this resource from the Tactical Technology Collective that tracks large-scale la
Land Justice and Equity

Violence in Amazon Centered around Land

By Agrarian Trust / Jun, 26 2017
In a remote area in Brazil, a dispute over who, if anyone owns the land has lead to killin
Land Justice and Equity

Building Democratic Ownership in the US South

By Agrarian Trust / Jun, 20 2017
Save the date! From the Federation of Southern Cooperatives: On October 4-6, 2013 the Coop
Land Access Stories

Free Land: Farming Under Pressure

By Agrarian Trust / Jun, 05 2017
This video from the BBC shows “how farms confiscated from Sicily’s mafia
Commons Alliance

Young Farmers in Minnesota get a hand from new land access bill

By Agrarian Trust / Jun, 02 2017
From the National Young Farmers Coalition: Saint Paul, Minnesota – On Tuesday evening, G