In Phase 1 of our work we will find and showcase case- models from  across the country, innovative practices employed by farmers, communities, planners, investors and cooperatives to address this key issue of land access. We understand that innovation often happens at the edge, therefore  our task is to gather together the insights and institutional patterns from our national community. Each of these case models ( from legislation, cooperative investment, support groups for landowning women) represents a useful tool for farmers and others to use in designing their own farm-land access strategy. We will catalog these case models, interpret them, and evaluate them according to the criteria we developed at our founding meeting.

  • Create and promote regionally-appropriate models that conserve productive farmland dedicated to sustainable agriculture, and make the land available to next-generation producers.

  • Expand and enhance the financial, legal, and technical assistance networks that are central to the political and economic success of the next generation of American agrarians;

  • Facilitate and develop the social and intellectual networks required to overcome the present cultural economy of industrial agriculture.

  • Replicate successful models, scale up the rate of farmland succession

Phase 2: Onward

We will be hosting a series of workshops as well as an April 2014 Symposium addressing next steps